Hartland Falls to Rockford: Next Season has already started

The Lady Eagles came up a little short against Rockford in the semi-final losing 15-9.  The game was well played, but Rockford appeared to be just a half step quicker on the draws.  Rockford went on to beat Bloomfield United in the state championship game.

We say goodbye to our seniors, Ryan Skomial, Natalie Sochaki, Erynn O'Hara, Tabitha Ferguson, and Darrien Twomley.  They have represented the program and our community well.  We will wish them the best at their new adventure in life.....college!

As for the players that will be returning, work on your game.  Dedicate yourself to improve the skills that need some attention.  Dodging, playing with your off hand, getting stronger and being in shape. The bar has been set high, and now, you are expected to carry that torch. 

Your coaches will work hard to keep the game fun and challenging.  Coach Radcliffe is amazing and she will teach you everything you need to know about lacrosse.  Listen to her and apply the lessons she will introduce throughout the year.  Motivate each other to get better. You have to play year round.  You can't just pick up your stick on the day before tryouts and expect to be better and help your team.

Play summer ball and take every opportunity to play in off season tournaments TOGETHER!

Go Eagles in 2014!