Hartland Takes Lead, But Game is Postponed

After the first half of play, the girls from Hartland were down two goals 5-3.  They were fouled repeatedly with no calls being made in Hartland's favor and many were on the ground after physical contact.  Brighton had picked its game plan.....be physical.  Fortunately the girls from Hartland came out to play in the second half.

They dominated the draw and maintained possession. When they lost possession, the defense locked down Brighton's offense.  The defensive side of the game steadily improved for Hartland throughout the game.  Hartland scored three goals in the first 8:20 of the second half to take a 6-5 lead and momentum had quickly shifted the Eagles way.

Mother natured decided not to cooperate and she ordered a healthy dose of lightning.  The game was delayed for a half hour, but after just six minutes of delay, and a few more rumbles of thunder, the game was suspended indefinitely.  The game will hopefully resume on May 11th at 3:30pm with 17:39 left on the clock and Hartland with possession. 

Keep fighting for the draws!!!!