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This is a free site for you to obtain information for recruiting for NCAA women's lacrosse. Unlike other recruiting sites, there are no fees or membership charges here. It's the perfect place for recruiting. This site offers the most comprehensive database to research opportunities for playing lacrosse at the collegiate level. Unlike other sites that rely on coaches or administrators to update their college profile, it searches out all the information. It provides links to important pages on each college's main site and athletic site. It provides data on college costs, test scores, school location and population. It provides contact information for the coach and a link to their biography.

CaptainU is software that makes college recruiting easy. Equip yourself with the tools to make a college team. Find colleges that are the right fit; Communicate directly with college coaches; Organize all your recruiting info in one place

As an athlete it's difficult balancing your grades, your game and everything else. You have goals and plans to compete at the collegiate level, but don't know where to begin. That's where can assist you. Whether you're starting early in your high school career and exploring all your options or if you have waited until your senior year and are now looking for a college, has tools to assist with narrowing your choices and making the connection with college coaches easier.  Create a profile to become part of the recruiting network and connect. Find information on the recruiting process. Utilize and search college information from all athletic divisions.

Perhaps the best single summary we have found for men or women is The College Athletic Recruiting Process (available as a PDF file) put together and presented by Janine Tucker, the head women’s lacrosse coach at Johns Hopkins University. This should be required reading for every prospect and their parents.

We know that choosing a college is a big decision. College Search is here to help you make the best decision for you. To begin, choose one of two starting points. Use MatchMaker to generate a list of colleges that match your preferences. Use QuickFinder to research a college that you already have in mind.

Camps and Clinics

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for different camps and clinics.  Camp and Clinic opportunities will be emailed throughout the year as they become available.