New Photo Gallery Layout

Finally! After extensive "usability testing" by the people that use the site the most (the players) I have finally developed a photo gallery layout that should meet the needs of our wide range of site visitors.

With the new photo gallery layout, you can now quickly scan and page through the thumbnails — like you do in Facebook. You can also click the "Play Slideshow" link and sit back and relax. I have also included a link to the original, hi-res file that is suitable for 4" x 6" prints. Download and print whatever you want!

Note to players: if you want to post these to your Facebook page, you will want to use the original file and let Facebook resize the photo down to their max width (or height) of 720 pixels. The medium-sized photos in the preview window are only 600 pixels max.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy taking them. Go Eagles!